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Nikon Lens Scope Converter for Nikon G!
Lens to spotting scope!

Article updated 31.03.2009
ATTENTION! If you ruin your Lens Scope Converter because of these "instructions", I am not responsible for that! You do your modifications on your own account! If you are unsure about the modifiyng, don't do it!

What is Nikon Lens Scope Converter (LSC)?
In short - it is the thing that you attach to your lens like teleconverter and which includes an erecting eyepiece with 10mm focal lenght. With this thing, your Nikon mount lens turns into the spotting scope! Nikon has ended the manufacturing of lens scope converters and the prices are quite high in these days, if compared to original selling prices. Because of the high prices, some people have made their own Do It Yourself versions of lens scope converter using an arecting eyepiece and lenses rear lens caps. DIY solution was my first target also, but there were 4 weeks delivery time to erecting eyepiece in Finland and I managed to find reasonable prized original LSC, so...

Click bigger! - Lowepro 1M & Nikon LSC
Nikon lens scope converter is from the era, when Nikon lenses had their manual aperture rings. New Nikon G lenses don't have an aperture ring, and when the lens is not attached to camera body or the LSC is attached to lens, the aperture blades inside of the lens are at minimum position. So if you want to use Nikon lens scope converter with G lenses, you have to modified it little to get the aperture blades fully open. Luckily Nikon lenses still use an mechanic lever to control the aperture blades. If the control would be an electric, this article haven't saw the daylight at all! More about the modification can be found the next pages of the article!

Scope technics!
Little more information about the LSC and the scope technics! The magnigication of the scopes is determined by the focal lenght of the lens and the focal lenght of the eyepiece... and it works same with the camera lenses with LSC. Focal lenght of the lens divided by focal lenght of the eyepiece is the magnification. So with 300mm lens and LSC attached you get 300mm / 10mm = 30... So when using 300mm lens and Nikon lens scope converter, you get the scope with magnification of 30x. Similarly when using an 70-200 lens, you get an 7-20x scope.
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