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Nikon Lens Scope Converter for Nikon G!
Lens to spotting scope!

Article updated 31.03.2009

Why and how?
Like I mentioned on a previous page, you have to modify Nikon lens scope converter to get it work with Nikon G lenses. There is a little lever in the rear side of the lens, that controls the aperture blades (Picture 1.). When you lift the lever, you can see that the aperture blades opens inside of the lens. There is no lever in nikon lens scope converter that would operate this lens lever when you turn LSC to your lens. So the modification is to drill little hole to the LSC aluminium body and install a missing little lever.

Picture 1. - Click bigger!

Picture 2. - Click bigger!

Picture 3. - Click bigger!

Lets get to work!
Pictures are taken after I modified my LSC compatible for Nikon G, so sorry about that. First thing that you should do is the mark the "blades open"-spot of the aperture lever's border in your lenses outer edge (Picture 2.). It is now easy to mark the same spot to your LSC's edge using that previous mark (Picture 3.). You should remember that this mark is not mark for the hole's center point! This is the mark for the aperture levers "blades open"-spot... so this is also mark for the new lever's border and as well as the mark for the hole's border. Next job is to measure right height for the hole that must be drilled in LSC's body. You should measure the height from the plane of the mount rings... because these spots are the same spot when LSC is attached to lens. So if you already dismantled the mount ring off from the LSC, you should put it back =)
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