Nikon Lens Scope Converter for Nikon G – Lens to spotting scope!

Nikon lens scope converter is a piece of equipment that allows you to use your Nikon mount lens as a spotting scope!

I have thought long time that I should buy a spotting scope… But will I carry it with me with my photograph journeys? I think not! When I first time saw Nikon Lens Scope Converter in internet, I interested immediately about it! Adding 200 grams to your camerabag and you always have a spotting scope with you!

First decision was to Do It Your self, by using 10$ aluminium extension tubes from dealextreme and 10mm erecting eyepiece from villenkello. Mainly because the prices of the lens scope converters are quite high nowadays when Nikon don’t manufacture those anymore. Delivery time for that eyepiece was 4 weeks, and then I accidentally found reasonable priced Converter from Germany… so I bought it =)

Lens scope converters are from the era when Nikon lenses had manual aperture rings. Nowadays new Nikon G lenses don’t have manual aperture rings at all, and when the lens is not attached to camera body, or is attached to lens scope converter, the lens’ aperture is at minimum position. So little modification to Lens scope converter is needed to get the lens’ aperture fully open when using G lenses!

Modification is not a big deal and I wroted a little article with the pictures about it… There is also little technical stuff, user experiences and pictures about lenses with the lens scope converter attached…

Article can be found here -> Nikon Lens scope converter for Nikon G – Lens to spotting scope!


5 thoughts on “Nikon Lens Scope Converter for Nikon G – Lens to spotting scope!

  1. Great! I got one used, and following your instruction I modified it, just using things I head at home, in no more than 1 hour. Now it works perfectly with the 180 2,8, the 80-200 2,8, and the new Sigma 150-500!
    Coupled with this lens it is amazing!, 15-50 X Scope!!!!

  2. You have exposed here so many details of magnifiers. Actually, I bookmarked it due to it piqued my attention. Thank you very much. I love to visit this website again and again.


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