1D3: firmware päivitys 1.0.9; korjaukset…

Tällästä luvataan korjata uudella firmispäivityksellä, jonka pitäisi tulla nettijakeluun tämän kuun lopussa.

1. Improves the look of images when enlarged on the LCD monitor, Applies a slightly strongers harpness setting to the LCD monitor when images are enlarged.

2. Countermeasures for Main Dial response errors (Main, Quick Control, Vertical-grip Main). Fixes a rare response error in the Main Dials in which they either did not respond when rotated or would change several clicks’ worth even if only clicked once.

3. Improves the consistency of AI Servo AF under certain conditions. Reduces the tendency of the camera to autofocus on high-contrast backgrounds when shooting in conditions where AF detection is difficult, such as when the main subject is not completely covered by the AF frames or if the main subject’s contrast is low.

4. Corrects errors in the Italian and Simplified Chinese menu screens



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