Sigma 150mm f2.8 EX MACRO Review – New article added!

Finally I managed to put this english review of the Sigma 150mm f2.8 EX APO MACRO DG HSM online. It has been almost ready for quite some time.

In this article, we will look more closely at the Sigma’s 150mm f2.8 EX APO MACRO DG HSM contruction, features, updates in desing and of course the image quality things! Of course there is also some 100% crops available!

You can find article here -> Sigma 150mm f2.8 EX APO MACRO DG HSM Review


8 thoughts on “Sigma 150mm f2.8 EX MACRO Review – New article added!

  1. Thanks for your excellent hand-on review on Sigma 150mm macro lens. I was debating between Sigma 150 vs Nikon 105mm and finally decided to go with Sigma 150mm 😉

  2. Buying Sigma 150mm macro is really good decision! I don’t mean that Nikon 105 VR is bad, but I like that 150mm is more suitable focal lenght for me! I have used it quite much now when dragonflies and grasshoppers finaly came… it is really a marvelous lens!


  3. Greetings from Connecticut, USA. Thanks for the great review of the Sigma 150 lens. I just ordered one from B&H last night. I also shoot with a Nikon D700 and was wondering if the Sigma would work with my Nikon TC 1.7 Teleconverter? Can’t wait to get my new ”Bugzilla”!
    Thanks again for the review.

    Jim Michaud

  4. Hi Jim!

    You can use Nikon’s TC17E II teleconverter if you put the extension ring between the lens and teleconverter. If you want to use TC17E II with extension ring, you might need to modify it a little. There is little metal piece in the ”lens side” mount ring, that has to be removed. Otherwise that teleconverter does not fit to non-AFS things. But it is really easy job.

    With some kenko extension rings, you have to modify them also to fit the extension of the TC17E II inside the kenko extension ring. That extension ring modification is easiest to do with 12mm kenko DG ring. Because there is a glued little metal ring inside the ”hole”, and that is easy to remove. Kenko 20mm and 36mm extension rings does not have that ”easy to remove metal ring”.

    When you put the extension ring between the teleconverter and lens, the AF will die. I think it is easier to use the Sigma’s own 1.4x teleconverter, and you will have nice working autofocus also!


  5. Hello.
    I just wanted to know what do U think the performance of the 150 mm be on a DX camera. I have a Nikon D7000.
    I have read the 150 mm on a DX camera is equivalent to 100mm is that true?

  6. Hi Ximena!

    My friend had a Sigma 150/2.8 Macro on his D300 (which is also a DX-format camera) and it worked flawlessly! To get the best results out of this fine piece of glass, I recommend to do AF Fine tune. I think D7000 also have this feature.

    In DX-format you have a 1.5x crop sensor… so it is little smaller than the FX-format sensor. So your 150mm lens offers a field of view that is comparable to 225mm in FX-format.

    Sincerely yours

  7. Just ordered the Sigma 150mm, and looking forward to spring and summer for the bugs. Good review, touches on the important things we all want to know. I have Canon, and would be interested in any comments from Canon users regarding TCs and extension.


  8. Hi David!

    I have Nikon gear myself, and none of my friends have Canon + 150mm macro + teleconverter set, so no comments about from that side. But I have used Sigma 1.4x DG teleconverter quite much with my D700 and 150mm macro. It works really well! At f4 aperture, it is not so really really good, but at f4.5 it is almost superb. =)

    These photos are taken with Sigma 150/2.8 + 1.4x DG

    all these four also ->

    and these three ->

    I mainly use autofocus with my macrophotos, because it work so well. And it work really well with Sigma 150/2.8 macro + 1.4x DG also!

    Comments about extensions I don’t have =(



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