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Welcome to!

I am 34 years old Finnish nature photographer. I have always been very interested in nature. I think it's in my blood! In 2005, I bought my first dslr camera and the nature was natural subject for me to photograph. In 2006 my hobby became more serious and I began to spend more time outdoors with my camera.

And it was worth it! I got many great experiences and photos during that year. In autumn 2006, I managed to win the birds category with my dipper picture in the Finnish nature photographers' association's annual nature photography competition. After that, my photos have also been awarded in several nature photography contests including Wildlife photographer of the year, Asferico, International Federation of Wildlife Photography, Oasis Photo Contest and Nordic Nature Photo Contest competitions.

I like to photograph everything in Finnish nature, but there are some species like owls, grouses, and dragonflies which fascinates me more than others. I wish I manage to spend more time with these in near future...

This website mainly consists my photo gallery, articles section and blog. Some articles and Blog writings are only available in finnish at the moment.

  Sincerely yours

Latest updates...
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